Best Barcode Apps for Cell Phones

This page lists the best barcode apps for cell phones. If you're looking for barcode readers, you'll want to go directly to the best UPC barcode Readers or the best QR barcode readers page. Each app describes which cell phones they work with. *more barcode apps will be posted soon.


* Read how Facebook plans to use QR codes to identify
Facebook Mobile user's location.

Movie Apps

Fandango Mobile Tickets

Buy fandango movie tickets online and have them sent to your cell phone in the form of a barcode. The theatre cashier scans the barcode from your cell phone. The barcodes are offered in only a few theaters so far: venues in the Reading Cinemas circuit and the Angelika independent theater chain, including theaters in New York City, Dallas, Houston, San Diego and Hawaii. Check to see if the program is being offered in your area.
Fandago barcode ticket FAQ

Universal Pictures movie poster barcodes

upc-barcode-movie-posterUPC barcodes are being used to provide information about movies. Scanning the barcode downloads video trailers as well as contest info.





Miscellaneous Apps

- all phones - free

Spok is a site that helps bicycle enthusiasts make a unique personal statement about/using their bike. Bike owners create their own unique QR barcode that links to a profile page about the bike. The QR code emblem then goes on the spokes of the bicycle so other bike enthusiasts can read the code and find out about the bike (history, build, design, etc.) Here is an example of a spok bike profile.


- iPhone - $0.99
FoodScanner scans UPC barcodes to find ingredient, nutrition and calorie information. Watch a video about the features and benefits of using FoodScanner as well as how FoodScanner works.
Cell phone download from iTunes: FoodScanner

Target barcode coupons

Traget barcode coupons will work with most cell phones.
Target stores (all 1740) in the United States are now offering coupons in the form of barcodes. There isn't a barcode cell phone app yet, but you can have them sent to your phone once a month. The cashier scans the barcode from your cell phone at checkout.
Connect from your cell phone: or text COUPONS to 827438 - Mar. 2010


Koreans shop for groceries without even going to the store, using smartphones & QR Codes

Loyalty and Membership Card Apps

Starbucks Card Mobile App

The Starbucks Card Mobile App works on iPhone and Touch
You can use you cell phone to pay for coffee and other purchase at Starbucks locations. The Starbucks Card Mobile App works from the balance of your Starbucks Card. To make a purchase you enter your Starbucks Card number into the app on your iPhone/Touch and the app creates a unique QR barcode. A Starbucks cashier will scan the barcode from your cell phone and the purchase amount will automatically be deducted from your Starbuck's Card. You'll want to check if it's available in your area yet: Starbucks Card Mobile App  
Cell phone download via iTunes: Starbucks Card Mobile App   Mar. 2010


CardStar works on iPhone and Touch *available soon for Android, Blackberry, Palm and others
CardStar allows you to put your loyalty, reward, and club membership card information on your cell phone in the form of barcodes. Merchants then scan the barcodes directly from your cell phone. The app is good, but it's not a perfect solution, you'll want to have your cards with you until you're sure which barcodes are able to be scanned and which aren't. Handheld barcode scanners seem to work much better than flatbed scanners and screen covers on your phone sometimes make scanning difficult. Try it and see what you think.

* CardStar is now sending merchant discount offers to the app,most offers are good for a stated period of time. it's a nice feature which could save you some money.
More info at CardStar FAQ
Download from iTunes: CardStar


CardKing is working on having merchants scan a loyalty barcode from your cell phone or iPod rather than you having to produce the actual plastic card. The CardKing app allows you to scan and save barcodes that are already on many loyalty cards. If your loyalty card doesn't have a barcode, CardKing can probably make one using the info on the card (membership numbers, etc.). CardKing claims to have already signed up over 1000 merchants.

Electronic Wallet Apps

ZoomPass Tag

The ZoomPass Tag (Canada only) will work, although with limited availability at this time, on any cell phone on the following networks: Bell Mobility, Rogers, Telus, Fido, PC Mobile, Solo Mobile and Virgin Mobile.
The creators of ZoomPass, a Canadian send and receive money wirelessly company added a payment feature for their users; a secure encrypted QR tag that is created on one's cell phone each time they want to pay for something. Retailers such as Tim Hortons, McDonalds, Petro Canada and Loblaws scan a ZoomPass Tag to process payment for a product or service. The money for the payment is subtracted from the Tag user's ZoomPass account, which can be topped up periodically. *The ZoomPass Tag app will soon be available for download on all Telus Blackberry phones.
ZoomPass info


MobioID works with iPhone
A Vancouver company, mobioID has created an app that allows you to pay for products and services with your iPhone. You register your credit card number with Mobio and use the app to pay for things. The app reads a retailer's QR barcode and then creates a random credit card number each time you pay for something. Mobio hides your real credit card number from retailers so your credit card information remains private and secure. Mobio can be used to pay for things whereever a Mobio barcode is displayed.
Download MobioID from iTunes


MeePass works with iPhone, as well as other cell phone models: check with MeePass.
A French company named MTag has created barcode software called MeePass that allows you to pay for products or services using unique QR barcodes on your cell phone. Will this catch on? who knows. MePass isn't widely available but it's interesting; watch a video about MeePass

CarLessPay is another company making barcode payment software for cell phones