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This page has information about the best QR code readers available. Whether you are using iPhone, Android or Windows phone, you can find best qr reader apps listed here.

Best QR Code Readers

qr code readersi-nigma Reader

i-nigma reads: QR Code, Data Matrix
A lot of people feel i-nigma is one of the best QR code readers available. i-nigma works with most cell phones.
i-nigma scans fast and is simple to use. Start the app, click "Scan code" and the reader scans the barcode. The sound of a bell alerts you that the scan was successful. A new page appears with the barcode's URL and a button you can press to "Go Online" which will provide you with the data from the code: i-nigma is a very good QR Code reader.
Download i-nigma Reader: http://www.i-nigma.com/Downloadi-nigmaReader.html
Download i-nigma Reader from your cell phone: www.i-nigma.mobi
Download i-nigma Reader from iTunes: i-nigma

QR Droid/Zapper Scanner (*this App also makes QR barcodes)

QR Droid reads: Android (v2.0 or greater)
Zapper Scanner reads: iPhone (iOS 4.0 or greater)

I really like the Zapper Scanner, and I suspect the Droid version is just as good. This is a fully automatic QR code reader, in that you open the app and point it at the barcode and "zap" it reads it and executes the desired action. You can also make all kinds of barcodes right from the app on your phone... it's very slick!

I'm going to play with it a bit more, and I honestly believe it may be the best QR code reader I've tried.

Download QR Droid from cell phone or desktop (via Google Play): http://market.android.com/details?id=la.droid.qr
or from this link: http://q.qr.ai
Download Zapper Scanner from iTunes, or from this link: http://z.qr.ai

QuickMark Mobile

QuickMark reads: QR Code, Data Matrix, Quick Code (QuickMark's proprietary code)
Quick Mark is free (except iTunes .99) and works with most cell phones - You can check to see if QuickMark works with your phone: www.quickmark.com.tw/En/basic/download.asp

QuickMark does an excellent job scanning QR Code on the iPhone 3G, even though the 3G doesn't have an autofocus camera. However, you'll need autofocus to scan UPC barcodes with QuickMark.


QuickMark is one of the easiest QR code readers to use. You open the app, point your camera at the barcode and QuickMark automatically scans the code. You'll quickly hear a cute QuickMark sound, letting you know the scan was successful. From there you'll see a screen offering several options:
Generate Barcodes - which allows you to create a barcode of what you just scanned
Social Networks - send the data to a friend, or post to your Facebook or Twitter account
View as Plain Text - the data from the scanned barcode is converted into text
*You can also easily share barcodes (transfer data) from one cell phone to another


You need to create an account (free) and verify the account via your email address
Download QuickMark: www.quickmark.com.tw/En/basic/download.asp
Download QuickMark from your cell phone: QuickMark
Download QuickMark from iTunes: QuickMark

BeeTagg Reader

BeeTagg reads: QR Code, Data Matrix, BeeTagg Code (BeeTagg's proprietary code)
BeeTagg Reader works with most cell phones. however you can check:
Which cell phones work with BeeTagg?
BeeTagg is an excellent code reader. After opening the BeeTagg app you select one of two buttons, 'Camera' or 'Stored images'. Choosing the 'Camera' button puts the app into auto decode mode, you point the phone at the barcode and it automatically scans and takes you to the webpage displaying the code data... it's that easy.
Download BeeTagg: www.beetagg.com/downloadreader
Download BeeTagg from your cell phone: http://get.beetagg.com
Download BeeTagg from iTunes: BeeTagg

ScanLife Reader

ScanLife reads: QR Code, EZcode, Data Matrix, UPC, ISBN
ScanLife works on most cell phones, however you can verify:
Which phones work with ScanLife?
ScanLife does a good job with QR Code, however there are a few issues:
1- the first time you use the reader you'll be prompted for your name, age, annual income, zip code and email address. ScanLife reports that your info is sent anonymously and that they require your email address is so you can send data, such as someone's contact info, to your email address.
2- unless the code you're scanning is registered with ScanLife (which most aren't), you'll see a warning stating  "This code is not registered or was created from an unknown source". If you press 'Continue' you'll be taken to the scanned information.
3- with an iPhone 3G, ScanLife doesn't read UPC codes (no autofocus)
Download barcode reader: http://app.scanlife.com/appdownload/dl
Download from your cell phone: http://app.scanlife.com/appdownload/dl
Download from iTunes: ScanLife Barcode Reader

Nokia Barcode Reader

Reads: QR Code, Data Matrix, Aztec Codes
Nokia Barcode reader works with Nokia, Blackberry, HTC, and others

Watch a video about how the Nokia barcode reader works - see it in action.

Neo Reader

Neo Reader reads: QR code, UPC, Code 128, Data Matrix, Aztec code, EAN
Neo Reader works with most cell phones. Check here: http://www.neoreader.com/get-neoreader/handsets-supported/all
The Neo Reader works almost identically to the i-nigma Reader. Start the app, touch the screen to scan, a bell sound confirms the scan and the barcode's URL appears. Pressing "Continue" takes you to a page with the scanned barcode data.
Download Neo Reader from your cell phone: http://www.neoreader.com/get-neoreader/wap-download
Download Neo Reader from iTunes: Neo Reader

UpCode Reader

UpCode Reader reads: QR Code, DData Matrix
UpCode works with most cell phones.
UpCode works a bit differently that many current barcode readers. You start the app, focus in on the barcode and click a small camera icon to initiate the scan. The app then takes a 'photo' of the code which, if it's good quality, you can use by clicking the 'Use' button. The URL address is pulled from the code and you're immediately taken to a webpage displaying the code data.
Download: http://www.upc.fi/en/upcode/download
Download UpCode from iTunes: UpCode

KAYWA Reader

KAYWA reads: QR Code, Data Matrix
KAYWA works with Motorola, Nokia, Samsung and Sony Erickson phones
Download KAYWA: http://reader.kaywa.com/getit
Download KAWYA from your cell phone: http://reader.kaywa.com

SemaCode QR Code Readerbest qr code reader

SemaCode reads: QR Code, Data Matrix
SemaCode works with iPhone only
The first time you use SemaCode you're asked to create an account. You enter an email address (which you'll need to verify) and password into your iPhone and upload. Feedback is that SemaCode isn't a very good QR code reader.
Download SemaCode from iTunes: SemaCode

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