UPC Barcode Readers

Use your cell phone to scan UPC barcodes for product information such as competitor's price and availability (including geo location info), product reviews and/or comparisons.

Best UPC Barcode Readers

Red Laser

Red Laser scans: UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN-8, EAN-13, *more codes coming soon
Red Laser works with iPhone, Touch
The Red Laser app consistently works ... something that can't be said for most other UPC barcode readers currently available. Red Laser scans UPC barcodes for real time price information as well as product reviews. Watch the video how Red Laser works.
Download from iTunes: Red Laser

ShopSavvy Barcode Scanner

ShopSavvy scans: UPC
ShopSavvy works with iPhone, Touch, Android *available soon for Nokia
ShopSavvy provides product pricing and reviews.
If you hold the phone steady when scanning, it's a great app.
ShopSavvy FAQ
Download ShopSavvy for Android: ShopSavvy
Download ShopSavvy from iTunes: ShopSavvy


Pic2Shop scans: UPC
Pic2shop works on iPhone and Touch only
You have to really have a stead hand to find the sweet spot for this scanner to read barcodes. When it works, Pic2shop is a nice app.
Download from iTunes: Pic2shop

ScanLife Reader

ScanLife scans: UPC, EAN, QR Code, EZcode, Data Matrix
ScanLife works with most phones, however you can check: Which phones work with ScanLife?
The ScanLife barcode reader works well (sometimes), however three common complaints are:
1- the first time you use the reader you'll be prompted for your name, age, annual income, zip code and email address. ScanLife states the information is received as anonymous and that the email address is so a user can send information, such as someone's contact info, to yourself via email.

2- unless the code you're scanning is registered with ScanLife (which most aren't), you'll get a warning "This code is not registered or was created from an unknown source". Click "Continue" and you're taken to the scanned information.
3- ScanLife doesn't read UPC codes with iPhone 3G (no autofocus)
4- No info for Canada at this time
Download barcode reader: http://app.scanlife.com/appdownload/dl
Download from cell phone: http://app.scanlife.com/appdownload/dl
Download from iTunes: ScanLife Barcode Reader

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